Which Aftermarket Seats Provide the Best Lumbar Support for a Subaru WRX?

The Subaru WRX STI series is renowned for its top-of-the-line features and thrilling performance. However, one aspect often scrutinized by car enthusiasts and critics alike is the stock seating. While admittedly comfortable and supportive for short drives, the built-in seats may lack in providing the necessary lumbar support for long journeys or aggressive driving.

If you’re a WRX owner who frequently spends long hours on the road, you might have found the need for aftermarket seats that offer superior comfort and support. In this article, we will explore some of the best aftermarket seat options that provide fantastic lumbar support for Subaru WRX owners.

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Recaro Sportster CS

The Recaro Sportster CS is a popular choice among Subaru WRX drivers. This seat is a perfect amalgamation of sporty aesthetics and comfort, specifically engineered to offer remarkable lumbar support.

These seats are designed with firm, high-density foam padding to maintain their shape even under heavy usage. They come with an integrated headrest and pronounced side bolsters for optimum lateral support during spirited driving. The seat’s slim backrest offers ample room, even within the limited cabin space of the Subaru WRX. The seats are available in both leather and fabric variants, depending on your personal preferences and the interior of your vehicle.

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The Recaro Sportster CS is not just about comfort; it also provides safety. It features an integrated side airbag for increased protection during collisions.

Sparco R100

The Sparco R100 is another worthy contender in the arena of aftermarket seats for the Subaru WRX. Sparco is a well-regarded name in the car accessories market, known for its high-quality products. The R100 seat is applauded for its comfortable design and excellent lumbar support.

Constructed with a tubular steel frame, the Sparco R100 is durable and offers a firm base for support. The backrest is reclinable, enabling you to adjust your seating position according to your comfort. Moreover, the dual-side lever lets you quickly flip the backrest forward for easy access to the rear seats.

The Sparco R100 comes in various upholstery options, including leather, fabric, and vinyl. The seat’s bolsters are sufficiently supportive and well-padded, providing essential support during high-speed cornering.

Corbeau A4

Corbeau is a brand synonymous with racing seats, and its A4 model is a noteworthy option for Subaru WRX drivers seeking better lumbar support. With its sleek design and superior comfort, the Corbeau A4 is an excellent blend of style and functionality.

The seat frame, made of tubular steel, ensures durability while the high-density injection molded foam padding promises comfort. The A4 seats feature large shoulder, hip, and thigh bolsters for excellent support, especially during high-speed driving. The backrest comes with a built-in reclining mechanism for added convenience.

The Corbeau A4 seats are available in cloth, microsuede, leatherette, and 100% black leather, providing numerous options to match the WRX’s interior.

Bride Stradia II Japan

The Bride Stradia II Japan is an ideal aftermarket seat choice for those who crave for both luxury and performance. Known for their high-quality craftsmanship, Bride’s seats are popular among driving enthusiasts worldwide.

The Stradia II is made using a ‘low max system’ that ensures a low center of gravity and high holding ability. The bucket-type seat comes with a high backrest and side bolsters that provide excellent lumbar support and comfort during long drives and spirited driving.

Although the Bride Stradia II Japan is on the higher end of the price spectrum, its premium features, such as the top-grade leather cover and superior lumbar support, justify the investment.

Choosing the right aftermarket seat for your Subaru WRX can significantly enhance your driving experience by providing the much-needed lumbar support. Always remember to consider factors such as comfort, support, material, and installation process before making the final decision.

Braum Elite Series

The Braum Elite Series is another laudable choice for WRX STI drivers yearning for better lumbar support. Known for its striking blend of style, comfort, and durability, the Braum Elite Series garners high praise among WRX STI drivers and car seat critics.

Constructed with a robust steel frame, these racing seats are designed to withstand the rigors of aggressive driving. The base is sturdy, promising to offer the necessary support during those long drives. The high-quality, high-density foam provides superior comfort and retains its shape even after prolonged usage, ensuring the seats’ longevity.

The distinctive feature of the Braum Elite Series is its reclinable backrest. You can adjust your seat to suit your comfort—be it upright during spirited driving or reclined for a relaxed journey. This series also boasts a dual-side lever that allows you to quickly flip the backrest forward for easy access to the rear seats.

Numerous upholstery options are available with the Braum Elite Series. You can choose from fabric, vinyl, or genuine leather seat covers to match your WRX STI’s interior. With its supportive and well-padded bolsters, this seat provides essential support during high-speed cornering, ensuring a secure and comfortable ride.

Corbeau FX1 Pro

For those who prioritize uncompromising performance and lumbar support, the Corbeau FX1 Pro is an exceptional seat choice. This seat is a fixed bucket seat, a feature preferred by many driving enthusiasts for its support and control it offers.

The FX1 Pro is made from high-quality, durable tubular steel, ensuring longevity and maintaining its form even under heavy usage. The seat’s design incorporates large shoulder, hip, and thigh bolsters, offering excellent support during high-speed cornering. What sets this seat apart is its unique shell design that’s designed to fit both small and large drivers, providing versatility and comfort.

The Corbeau FX1 Pro seats ensure superior lumbar support with their carefully engineered high-density injection molded foam padding. The seat comes with a deep thigh bolster for additional support, making it an ideal choice for long drives and aggressive driving.

Available in a range of cover options including cloth, microsuede, and leatherette, the Corbeau FX1 Pro seats cater to a myriad of style preferences.


Committing to an aftermarket seat for your Subaru WRX STI is a significant decision. The choice can immensely impact your driving experience, especially during long journeys or spirited driving. As such, it’s essential to invest in a high-quality aftermarket seat that promises excellent lumbar support, comfort, durability, and matches with your vehicle’s interior style.

The Recaro Sportster CS, Sparco R100, Corbeau A4, Bride Stradia II Japan, Braum Elite Series, and Corbeau FX1 Pro are all powerful contenders. Each offers distinctive features and benefits, from high-density foam padding to reclinable seats and high-quality seat covers.

Regardless of your choice, remember that the goal is to enhance your comfort and overall driving experience. Prioritize your needs, consider your budget, and make an informed decision that suits your Subaru WRX STI.

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